Adopt a Hurricane Florence Community

Hurricane Florence Urgent Support Actions

Adopt a Hurricane Florence Community

Last year, our networks raised over $10,000 in DIRECT SUPPORT for impacted peoples effected by Hurricanes Irma and Maria before and after the storms hit. This year, as Hurricane Florence is about to hit the Carolinas, must be just as prepared.

Coalition member and Dancing for Justice founder Brittany Williams is, again, tirelessly organizing food, money and supplies for Black and Brown folks in the Carolinas. Through her direct networks, we are distributing funds and supplies directly to families in need BEFORE DISASTER STRIKES. #BuildMaroonage


We need people who are nearby the impacted areas to show up right now. View this mini-toolkit on Google Drive to prepare or download here, then sign up here if you can assist in direct support, including rescue and relief in the Carolinas.


  1. There are over 150 families in North Carolina and South Carolina who signed up for direct support. We have sent money to buy supplies and prepare for recovery. Cash App Brittany L. Williams $10 right NOW (more if you can) so she can get these families supplies like bottled water, rafts, and such. Her cash app handle is: $msbritt3055– USE THE DOLLAR SIGN IN CASH APP IF YOU’RE UNFAMILIAR WITH THE APP– Don’t have the app? TAKE A MINUTE AND DOWNLOAD THE APP BECAUSE LIVES ARE AT STAKE. Download here: Why this app? Cash App transfers are instant. Venmo, PayPal, Facebook fundraisers, and GoFundMe take up to a week to handle transactions. If you prefer, her Paypal: Her Venmo: @brittany-Williams-80 
  2. Donate to the GoFundMe 2018 Direct Support Fund. All monies go directly to impacted peoples in the Carolinas to prepare for recovery and impact. This can include gas, food, etc.

  3. We created Amazon Wish Lists for SIX communities in North and South Carolina. If you have an Amazon Prime membership, please send much-needed supplies ASAP before UPS, FedEx and USPS stop delivering to the areas. Preparation saves lives. Adopt a Carolina community directly through one of our Amazon Wishlists! 

See the Adopt a Community: Urgent Hurricane Florence in the Carolinas Preparation sheet in Google for links and instructions on how to support the communities. The links and instructions are below as well.

For individuals: to choose, please select a Community’s List at random and choose an item or items most in need.

For groups/organizations: commit your organization or group to purchasing/adopting a community by purchasing all items on the list. Please email

Adopt a Hurricane Florence Community below