Campaigns + Actions

1. Post-Irma Sustainers Program

Hurricanes Irma and Maria may be over, but there’s still work to do. Coalition organizers are on the ground in South Florida and Puerto Rico. Instead of giving to organizations like the Red Cross, we encourage you to give DIRECTLY to those in need. Coalition member Brittany Williams launched the Post-Irma Sustainers’ Program to support Black women currently displaced from their homes and jobs due to Hurricane Irma. All women either work or live in the Florida Keys, which were hit the hardest by the storm. The Sustainers Program is asking people to commit to donating a minimum of $25 dollars for 3 months to a family in dire need of assistance. Share on social with the above graphic, and make sure to credit the incredible Brittany Williams.

2. Real New Yorkers Swipe It Forward

Thousands of New Yorkers are arrested every year for farebeating, which is the “crime” of not having enough money to pay for a subway card. 92% of those arrested for fare evasion are Black & Brown. Every arrest in NYC requires fingerprinting, which is shared with federal institutions such as ICE. This places 300,000 immigrants and their families in danger of deportation and goes against the idea of a “sanctuary city.” The #SwipeItForward Campaign is an act of resistance that can be implemented EVERY DAY. Every day is a day to #SwipeItForward. This is an action that YOU can take every day. Please help us amplify and $upport the organizers’ next day of action.

3. Seeking web developers, designers, and NYC meeting spaces

If you’re interested in donating your for a Black-lead digital project, or can offer free meeting spaces in NYC, email

4. The Coalition is proud to endorse and support the following ongoing campaigns

  • Swipe It Forward. NYC members participate in #SwipeItForward actions in coordination with the Black Alliance For Just Immigration, BLM NYC, and continue to support ongoing efforts to end Broken Windows policies.

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