Coalition to Support Racial Justice Organizing

The Coalition to Support Racial Justice Organizing connects folks outside traditional activist spaces who want to support the work of racial justice organizations and organizers, and implement the practice of racial justice as a way of life, not isolated campaigns of actions and reactions. We plug members into the work as organizers and organizations see fit, whether it’s through direct actions for campaigns, fundraising, or skill sharing. We also organize white folks around direct actions, dialogue, and a commitment to ending white supremacy in themselves and their communities.

As many of us work in spaces outside organizing, the Coalition informs, supports, and encourages dialogue and solidarity with Black Lives Matter, the Movement for Black Lives and their affinity movements inside and outside of our homes and workplaces.

The group is managed by a white co-conspirator, Annie Schoening. Black, Brown, and non-white folks are invited to join, contribute to and challenge this group’s content and management.

By joining this group, white members acknowledge our privileged status and pledge accountability to ourselves and each other, and to lifting up Black and Brown members.